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Helpful Links for Cowboys and Cowgirls.

Single Action Shooting Society

This is the link to the Single Action Shooting Society, find out information on local clubs, shooting events and matches. Also a great resouce for RO1 and RO2 and current rules and regulations reguarding SASS

Tandy Leather

Tandy Leather has provided the Colorado Cowboys with donations, and sponsership for many years. They set up a booth last year and loved it. They have a friendly staff and are always willing to give a hand to help out with your leather questions. Just ask for TINA and tell her Wolf send you..

Writing Stages 101

This is a great resource for writing stages, i take no credit for any information on this site, but it is very useful for the beginer or advances match director.


Writing Stages 101  For SASS Cowboy Action Shooting      
Prepared By Chuckaroo SASS #13080W

Cowboy Action Sweep Glossary

This site is another useful tool that i use to write stages, again the link is to an external sight but an invaluable tool for stage writting. 

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