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April 7th, 2018 Shoot

Our next shoot is Saturday, April 7th, 2018. The Theme is a farewell to Bayou Bob, Old Salt & Alabama Yellowhammer wish them well as they travel to a new state to live. The setup is Friday the 6th, at 12:00pm. All help is welcome. I hope to see y'all Saturday.


Congratulations to Cobra Cat for the overall win, and congratulations to our 9 clean shooters, Angry Tom, Bayou Bob, Clinch Cutter, Cobra Cat, Kitty Carbine, Maker Wright, Marshall Lomondo, Mountain Menace, and Rosita Gambler. Thank you to all the shooters for coming out and wishing Bayou Bob, Oldsalt, & Alabama Yellowhammer farewell, safe travels and happy trail till we meet again.

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